They said we were going to take part in a coup. They said that behind us there was the far right, they lied in the media again and again, they threatened us, in all possible ways, [...]
Brothers and sisters. It’s already been three years since this false economic crisis hit us, ruining our cities, breaking down our communities and threatening to finish with [...]
“I don’t want a new iPad, I want a new life” (graffiti painted during 15 May mobilization) 1. Time Time accelerates. The senses are shaken. Fear paralyzes the senses, vertigo makes[...]
Write to orient oneself, at the velocity imposed by the moment. Between poetics and theory, write to offer something to the con-fabulation of the world, to contribute, from inside,[...]
  Traditionally, the memory of workers’ struggles, those struggles that won many of the rights that are now being taken away, takes a historical sense through narratives[...]
The events of the last days have happened quickly, almost without time for us to take them in. The encampment and assemblies in the Puerta del Sol have allowed us to find each othe[...]
On March 11, 2004 ten simultaneous explosions blew up four trains in Madrid, killing almost 200 people, injuring nearly 2000 and spreading terror in the city. In the hours that fol[...]
It’s true that we’re indignant. But not just that. If it were just indignation that brought us together in the streets and squares of our cities, the movement would have less force[...]